Feeling Achy?

May 1, 2019

Feeling Achy....

well let me tell you about an essential oil that can help relieve sore and achy, muscles, joints, symptoms of carpal tunnel and arthritis.

I work with my hands a lot!

Between working in the garden and landscaping to meticulous bead weaving, 

I sometimes have symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Using Lemongrass oil relieves pain within minutes! Lemongrass oil is a warm oil and  soaks into to the skin repairing damaged, over worked soft tissues.

Also, eating or drinking a half cup of pineapple/juice every day benefits your bones and joints from arthritis and bone spurs.

There is an enzyme that goes in and breaks down bone spurs and treats and prevents arthritis. 

 You can find information about this pretty easily. You should look into it!

I hope you found this helpful.