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                            Essential Oils         

         Oils are Essential for healthy living.

 Essential oils are great for everything!

Cleansing, Medicine and more...

Essential Oils are good for You, Your Pets and the Environment.

Be sure to pick up some literature on how to use your oils. Neet oils can burn you if not properly used.

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Doterra, essential oils


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☆ Healing Minerals  ☆

 One of a Kind,

Hand Made 


Handmade Original Designs

Designs by: KC




Over time I've become aware of all the toxins we emerse ourselves in... 

From our environments, hygiene products, and food products. Even some nutritional products have masked,

GMO or synthetic ingredients.

I'm on a mission to eliminate my exposure as much as possible! I'm always looking for healthier, Non-toxic ways to improve my life and the lives of people around me. 

I've created this site as a first step, to my goal of becoming a community, cooperative in health, hand made goods, health and environmental health information and products.

I'm also including a section with scientific properties of stones and minerals as well as metaphysical. 


                                   Please enjoy!

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         For new products and information. 

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